Trade show participation

QCites can provide a full service solution for trade show participation. QCites discusses the analysis, creates a concept and, following discussion and approval, beings preparations.

From reserving your space on the trade show floor to designing the ideal stand, selecting the right stand builder, furnishing and decorating the stand and finally, trade show participation.

Event organisation

QCites has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share.

Over the past 20 years, QCites has organized an enormous variety of events and can handle the task of organising the entire event.

From press conferences, product presentation, customer days, receptions, sailing trips, staff parties, teambuilding events to cooking workshops and leadership training with customers, QCites is the perfect choice for organising a successful event.


QCites provides workshops and presentation in the areas of communication, social media marketing, and event and trade show participation.

Sharing experience and knowledge, creating an atmosphere for fruitful debate, and helping interested parties develop expertise is energising.

This ‘energy cycle’ is a fascinating process QCites is thrilled to contribute to.